Exciting Newly Released Bass & Guitar Products!

WOW! Our bass industry has really been busy! Here is a list of recent added bass guitar products. We carry all these bass specialty products. If you are shopping for "best price", we suggest you also consider service. We have one of the best service records in the industry! However, we also will strive to MATCH or BEAT any authorized dealer quote for a product!

1) Phil Jones Bass

The new PE-5 Pre-Amp/DI - Finally, a really high-speced BATTERY OPERATED Bass Pre-Amp with 5-band EQ!

PJB PE-5 Pedal

5 Band EQ Pre-Amp, Direct Box, & Signal Booster

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The PE-5 is a pedal designed for bass guitar and upright bass which incorporates a sophisticated 5 band EQ and also offers superior function as a Pre-Amp, Direct Box, and signal booster.

The PE-5 is engineered with a unique switchable input impedance which allows the pedal to match exactly to either a magnetic or piezo pickup. It achieves the full band spectrum for either pickup source. In addition it is a signal booster which compensates for low output pickups and will also provide ample drive for any amplifier. The input level and gain controls are designed to precisely match the pickup output to an amplifier.The line output is strong enough to use directly into a power amplifier or a powered speaker.

The 5-band EQ is a high precision equalizer which means that each boost or cut level is identical to each adjacent band. Plus the Q factor of each band is identical. This makes it far easier for the player to accomplish the tone that they are pursuing. These frequency bands were carefully chosen for the voice of a bass so that the user will be able to adjust the EQ rapidly to get the desired sound.

The DI output is of the highest audio quality obtainable providing a match to even the finest recording studio mixing consoles and live sound systems. It has extremely high signal to noise ratio and features a ground lift switch to eliminate the possibility of “Mains Hum”.

The PE5 can be powered by a standard 9-volt DC pedal adaptor or run on its own internal lithium-ion battery that is charged with a standard cell phone charger via its USB socket.

The two foot switches provide a mute function and a true bypass. The rugged housing is constructed of die cast aluminum alloy made to deliver years of service

And now, shipping in March, the new 

Bass Club PRO Portable Combo Bass amplifier! 120 watts with internal speaker, 240 watts with external speaker Purchase Now!

The PJB Bass Cub Pro (Model BG-120) is the ultimate in the evolution of the popular Bass Cub 

ultra-compact bass amplification series from Phil Jones Bass. The power amplifier section has been completely redesigned and has been fortified to deliver as much as 240 watts RMS of pure tone to go.Together with PJB’s Chrome-Dome speaker technology it provides far greater transient attack from improved loudspeaker cone acceleration, greater dynamic range, and lower harmonic distortion. It will provide increased headroom and speed to capture every nuance of bass playing, from gentle fingerstyle to hardcore slapping. 

The speaker design and efficiency is the result of PJB’s commitment to driver research at Phil Jones’s laboratory that features a Klippel laser measurement system and a massive anechoic chamber.

As a stand alone combo the Bass Cub Pro will deliver 120 watts RMS into the internal speakers and will increase to 240 watts RMS at 4 Ohms with the addition of an extension cabinet. The pre amp is a 5 band eq single channel unit with Low Bass, High Bass, Mid-Range, Low Treble and High Treble controls with +/- 18dB of boost or cut on each control.

The cabinet is constructed of solidly braced Baltic birch plywood and is appointed with luxury “tolex” covering with color options of both Burgundy Red and Black. The input has a switchable gain (for active and passive basses), mute switch, and LED clip indicator which will accurately match all bass instruments. The FX Send/Return sockets feature a blend control to achieve desired balance between FX and dry signals. An auxiliary input has a level control for quick mixing of external devises such as a drum machine or iPod/MP3 player, which are audible through the  stereo Headphone Socket or speakers.

Two Speakon sockets on the back are devised for an 8 ohm extension speaker such as a PJB C2, C4, or C8 cabinet and for the PJB EAR-Box, which is a dedicated personal micro-close field monitor for musicians. A voltage selector switch allows the amp to run on any AC power worldwide. 

PJB’s exclusive heavy chromed steel armored corners adorn the cabinet with stainless steel hex screws. A plush heavy duty stitched leather handle makes carrying the amp a comfortable task. The cabinet can tilt to increase sound projection when placed on the floor and 8 rubber feet allow the cabinet to be placed vertically or horizontally.

The Bass Cub Pro’s dimensions are 12? Wx 11?D x 7.8?H and weighs only 16.7 lbs. A soft cover is included.

Established in 2002, PJB and AIRPULSE Guitar Amps are divisions of Phil Jones American Acoustic Development. PJB is dedicated to using the latest technology in the design of compact bass amps, preamps, loudspeakers, and effects pedals that achieve the highest in fidelity and volume. Phil Jones owns several patents for loudspeaker technology. 

And if you are not aware of the amazing Cab 67 with six 7" drivers:

Phil Jones Bass Cab 67, six 7" speakers! 500 watts Purchase Now!

The Cab 67 is a no-holds-barred 500 Watt powerhouse enclosure that will deliver the bottom end and add life to any live playing situation. It is a slugger as a stand-alone cabinet that turns massive when stacking two together.

The Cab 67 has six proprietary PJB seven inch drivers along with a three inch tweeter that together deliver a full dynamic range, perfect for any working or jamming bassist. It is crafted with robust internal bracing resulting in an extremely solid and roadworthy cabinet with built-in casters that make transporting a breeze. The bottom end is rich and punchy but never “boomy” and has a flat frequency response so any bass will sound accurately true.

Built in wheel wells and a recessed handle make the Cab 67 a snap to stack on top of one another. While it is a stellar performer with any bass amplifier the PJB BP-800 head is the perfect sonic complement to this cabinet. The potential shock wave created by two Cab 67’s and a BP-800 stacked together will exhilarate any playing situation yet, amazingly, stands only 54 inches tall!

Bergantino - New releases!

Bergantino Forte D Bass Amp!

Forté D – Driven to Succeed 

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Taking all that made the original, award-winning Forté bass amplifier such a well-defined tone champion, Jim Bergantino has taken it up another notch by adding his Big Fat Tube (BFT) technology. Introducing the new Forté D!

The BFT circuit delivers exactly what bass players crave out of tube amplifiers, but in an easy to use, compact and lightweight format. From pristine and sparkling clean tones, to mildly pushed tube drive, to super heavy, mix-shredding saturation and everything in between, it’s all here. Not to worry though, if you desire perfectly clean tone, simply turn off the BFT technology and you got it!

BFT (Big Fat Tube) Technology | One. Single. Knob.

The world of bass tone can mean many things to many people and often it can be hard to replicate the desired essence and tone of a real tube amplifier. While you can get part way there with distortion circuits and pedals, to truly master the ultimate tube tone, one needs to examine how the amp module compresses, sags and reacts to its load.

We’ve painstakingly analyzed those core drive attributes to give the modern bass player all of the good and none of the bad. You want that sweet, intoxicating soft clip purr? It’s in there.  How about grit and growl to give you some more presence in a mix?  Yep, it’s there too.  What about a massively saturated tube amp pushed within an inch of its life?  You’ve absolutely got it with the Forté D.

This drive is just as tight and controlled at a soft clip as it is full bore. Try it at low settings for just the right harmonic chime or max it out to really saturate your bass tone. With just a single knob, Bergantino has distilled drive and its nuances right down to the lowest common denominator – TONE. Tone that you don’t have to spend hours dialing in – we’ve done all the hard work for you!

Bergantino’s new Parallel Dynamic Circuitry™ builds on all of the best attributes of our compression wizardry found in some of our other products and optimizes it for bass, automatically producing a sweet, note-thickening magic.

This new technology seamlessly integrates with the BFT drive feature, allowing for a very sensitive, touch dynamic that inspires, not only to achieve that pushed tube amplifier tone, but get the wonderful FEEL of total interaction between the player and amp.

Many brands sadly often rate their amps without real-world, verifiable figures. Forté D features a custom tuned, yet powerful amplifier module and will provide up to genuine 800W RMS power depending on the speaker load. At 8O (for example: a single small cab) Forté D will provide 350W RMS, @ 4O this is increased to 700W RMS, while at a 2 or 2.67 O load the power output goes to 800W RMS.

Speaker impedance of the connected cabinets can also be matched from the front panel, this permits for optimal power transfer and allows the Forté D to function safely right down to a 2-ohm minimum load.

New Bergantino VINTAGE cabs!

Bergantino NEO X-Treme Vintage Bass Cabs! NVX View or Purchase Now!

The Bergantino Audio Systems NXV (NEO X-Treme Vintage) series of lightweight bass cabinets retain that great Bergantino tone, but in a more classic vintage looking and sounding package. Taking its cue from our award-winning NXT line of cabinets, the NXV series was designed to give the user a more old school playing experience.

The vintage voicing of the NXV range means that no tweeter was needed to be implemented in the design, as NXV’s driver’s high frequency response extends high enough to please those players who want a solid and classic bass tone. Perfect for blues, soul, rock, metal and many other styles of music, the premium components in the NXV series will bring your sound to life, sit you in the mix with the punch and quality tone you crave, yet give you the flexibility to cut through when it is your time to shine.

NXV’s aesthetics also bring a modern twist to a vintage look – a first for Bergantino with the inclusion of tasteful, hard-wearing grill cloth versus our more familiar metal grills, while chromed metal cabinet corners complete the eye-catching appearance. Additionally, the front-facing tuned ports of the NXV’s offer high performance and extended low-frequency support in a very manageable sized and lightweight package.

By combining poplar and birch plywood construction in precision-tuned, ported cabinetry of exemplary build quality along with a durable black bronco tolex covering, these rigid cabinets will not only sound great and stand the test of time on the road, they also will offer you significant weight savings over vintage offerings of yesteryear too.

The NXV series is available in four configurations: 1×12”, 2×10, 2×12”, and 4×10”.

Both the looks and tone of our new NXV Series cabinets will evoke feelings that harken back to a time of raw, exciting music energy and warmth in bass tone, but deliver it with the latest in high-performance driver technology. That means you will spend less time struggling with troublesome sound and more in creating great music. 

And for you ALL TUBE BASS AMP fans, a 22 lb tube amp!:

Traynor YBA100 TUBE Bass Amp. 22lbs, 100 watts View or Purchase Now!

Traynor's new 22 lb YBA100 TUBE bass amp is a revolution in size & weight for all tube bass amp fans.



Roscoe Guitars Made in USA Custom Basses! We are pleased to announce that we are now an official authorized Roscoe Bass dealer. We have multiple basses incoming and now YOU can order your very own CUSTOM bass. Give us a shout if you want a custom bass not in our listed incoming basses.

And, Traynor releases a stunning BASS COMBO AMP 800 Watts!

800 Watts Traynor Big Block 15" Combo Bass Amp, 400 watts into internal 15" speaker and 800 Watts when adding an 8 ohm speaker! 

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New Hughes & Kettner AMPMAN Floor Guitar Amp!

Hughes & Kettner AMPMAN MODERN Floor Amp! View or Purchase Now!

And, what musicians doesn't need a microphone that punches far beyond it's price point?

Aston ELEMENTS "People's Mic" BUNDLE with pop filter and Custom Shockmount 

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